Saturday, June 2, 2012

MayzyArt Challenge #002

The theme for this challenge is:
At the Circus!

The Design Team has provided some really fun examples to get you started!





Jo Ann


- The MayzyArt Challenge is open to anyone!  All you have to do is create a card or paper craft project that matches the challenge's theme.  It does not have to use a MayzyArt stamp.  

- In order to enter, post a link to your blog post featuring the project.  Please be sure that you list on that post that you wish to enter the project into the MayzyArt Challenge.

- There will be two winners of the MayzyArt Challenge!  The first winner will be drawn at random from all entrants.  That winner will receive 3 MayzyArt stamps of their choice.  The second winner will be chosen only from those entrants that used a MayzyArt stamp in their project.  It will be selected specifically by Mayzy and will be featured for the following two weeks on this blog.  That winner will also receive 5 MayzyArt stamps of their choice!

- Entries must be received by Friday, June 15.  The winner will be announced on June 16.

There you have it.  Pretty straight-forward, eh?  Have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

MayzyArt Challenge #001 Winners Announcement!

It's time for the second MayzyArt Challenge!  But first, let's announce our winners from round one.

The first prize winner (as selected by is...

Congratulations, Kevin!  You've won 3 digital stamps from the MayzyArt Shop!  You will be receiving an email shortly.

The grand prize winner (as selected by Mayzy) is...

Congratulations, Dawn!  I couldn't resist your clever use of the coffee sleeve and your clean, coordinated design.  You've won 5 digital stamps from the MayzyArt Shop!  You will be receiving an email shortly.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the first MayzyArt Challenge!  You're all amazing and I hope to see you in challenge #002!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey folks,

A couple of quick reminders...

First, today is the LAST day to get the May freebie!  If you haven't gotten it yet, now is the time to submit your order!

Secondly, time is running out to join the very first MayzyArt Challenge!  All entries need to be received by Saturday.  :o)

Most of the cards and projects that y'all have been making with MayzyArt Stamps lately have been going to the challenge, but I do have a few pretty projects to show you!

First, a Mallory card from My Stamping Obsession.  Isn't the little curtain across the top adorable??

This super cute cowgirl comes from It's My Creative World.  I just love it!

And lastly a cute tea card from Trina Makes Stuff.  You guys are all so creative!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stamp Modifications

What's happening Dudes and Dudettes?

Today I am here to share with you some tips on personalizing your MayzyArt stamps.  This post stemmed from a request that I got on the recent Firecracker stamp.

Jo Ann asked: Oh, this is so cute but is it possible to get her without the belly showing...Please...Same as the California Roll girl...Just a request.

The first thing that I want to explain is that all MayzyArt Stamps are originally drawn and inked by hand, not digitally, so modifications are tricky.  For the most part, what you see is what you'll get.  HOWEVER! when you purchase a MayzyArt stamp, you are more than welcome to make modifications on your own.  (Please be sure to credit MayzyArt for the original stamp.  A modified stamp is not a unique piece of art!)

Want some examples?

Because of flaring or folding on belly-shirts, it's often difficult to change the shirts so that they go all the way down.  However, if you erase her belly button (easily done in a program such as Paint), you can color her to look like she's wearing an undershirt!

Original Firecracker and my modified version with 'undershirt'.  With this one, because her shirt is so tight, you could even just erase the shirt line and color it in down to the belt.  (Please note that this is a super quick flood fill coloring job.  I know y'all could totally put it to shame!!)

How about another example?  Let's say you've got a boy who plays football and you want to make a card for him.  Excellent, I have the stamp for you!  But let's say your boy is #37.  How neat would it be to have his actual jersey number on the stamp??

All I did for this one was erase the '20' on his shoulder and then added a text block over the top with the '37'.  You could also just leave it blank and write in a jersey number or even a team name with pen after the stamp has been printed!

MayzyArt Stamps are all about being creative, so please feel free to make them your own.  Have an example of an easy modification that you'd like to share?  Post a link in the comment section!