Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MayzyArt Frequently Asked Questions

The Shop

  • How will I receive my stamps?
    • As soon as payment has been confirmed for your order, you should receive an email with a link to immediately download your stamp(s).  You will be able to download this stamp up to three times, though you may save it to your computer and use it indefinitely.  This download link should never expire.
  • How do I enter a discount code?
    • Click here for a tutorial.
  • Will you ever make a stamp with a picture of _____________?
    • I am open to suggestions for new stamps!  If you have a stamp idea, please make a post here.  Please note that I cannot guarantee that all stamps will be created or that you will see your stamp soon after making your suggestion.  I usually have a mental list about four miles long of stamps that I would like to make, so it may take some time.  :o)
  • I would like a custom stamp with an image of my daughter/dog/etc.  Do you do that?
    • I am open to discussing the option of a personalized stamp utilizing the image of your choice.  Pricing would start at $30 for a single image (one person, animal, etc) with $10 for additional images.  This would be a personal stamp that would belong only to you and would never be offered in my shop.  If you would like to suggest a general stamp that would be offered in the shop, please see the preceding question.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of ordering a personal stamp, please contact me at mayzyart@gmail.com.  Please be sure to put in the subject line "PERSONAL STAMP ORDER" so that I won't accidentally delete it!
    • IMPORTANT: Contacting me about a personal stamp order does not guarantee that I will accept the commission!  I know my limitations as an artist and if I do not feel that I would be able to provide you a quality product, I will regretfully decline.  Additionally, please be aware that I reserve the right to refuse a commission that would be contrary to my values (ie nudity, blatant sexuality, or anything that condones hate or disrespect for another living being). 
The Blog
  • What is the MayzyArt Challenge?
    • The MayzyArt Challenge is a fun stamp challenge that runs every two weeks on Saturday.  Winners are announced the preceding Friday.  You can enter any papercraft project that you've created, provided it fits the theme for the week,  It doesn't need to use a MayzyArt stamp, though only a project using a MayzyArt stamp can be selected for the grand prize. 
    • There are two ways to win the MayzyArt Challenge.  The first prize winner is selected at random from all participants and will receive three MayzyArt stamps of their choice.  The grand prize winner is personally selected by Mayzy and will receive five MayzyArt stamps of their choice, as well as being featured for the next two weeks!
  • How can I join the MayzyArt Design Team?
    • At this time, the MayzyArt Design Team is not looking for new members.  If we have a vacancy, an announcement will be made on the MayzyArt blog with instructions to apply.  The best way to join is to keep checking back at the MayzyArt blog!


  • Will you sponsor my challenge?
    • Probably!  To discuss sponsorship, please send an email to mayzyart@gmail.com.  Be sure to put 'SPONSORSHIP REQUEST' in the subject line, so that your email isn't accidentally deleted!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at mayzyart@gmail.com.  Please make sure to put something about stamps in the subject line so that your email will not be mistakenly deleted!


  1. I just bought my first thee images from you.
    I love, love them.
    Your creativity is fabulous.

    1. Thank you, Donna! I would love to see what you make with them over at the MayzyArt Facebook group!


  2. I put through an order for about $30 worth of stamps about 2 days ago. did you receive it?? I looked on paypal but I don't know if it didn't work or if it just hasn't registered yet.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I'm afraid I may not have received it. When you placed the order it should have been delivered automatically. If you can search through your PayPal for the record for the record of the transaction, that should let your know if the order was placed and, if so, you can then send me the order number to mayzyart@gmail.com and I can determine for sure where things went wrong.

      I'm sorry about the inconvenience!

  3. Hi MayzyArt,

    I have already sent an email but got no answer. I can not download my digistampp My ordernr. 1431 d.d 6/6/2013
    Hope that I get an answer.

    greeting, Louise