Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Contest Time!

Hey y'all, we're having a contest!

I would like to have a customer created banner for my Facebook group.  The banner chosen will earn its creator one CUSTOM stamp.  That means that you get to tell me what to draw and I will draw it just for you!  This stamp is yours to use and distribute as you like, it will NOT go in my shop!


1. The banner must use at least one MayzyArt stamp.  I hope this is a given. @_@

2. The banner must be 802 x 255 pixels.  This is the dimension of the Facebook group banner.

3.  The banner must say 'MayzyArt' somewhere on it (readable, please).  It can say other things, but that should stand out.

4. Contest entries must be posted to the Facebook Banner Contest photo folder in the Facebook group.  This means that you must be a member of the group to enter.  This also means that if you post your entry somewhere else, it may not be considered.

5. No more than 3 entries per person.

6. Winner is selected by me, but I encourage you to show your support for your favorite banners by hitting the like button!

7. The custom stamp prize will follow my custom stamp policies as outlined in the FAQs.  This prize has a value of $30- that means one figure for your custom stamp.  If you would like to expand on that prize, I would be happy to take an order for a larger custom stamp with a $30 discount.  In case you're too eager to get started on your banner to bother to check the policies (I understand), I'll post those policies here:
  • Pricing would start at $30 for a single image (one person, animal, etc) with $10 for additional images.  This would be a personal stamp that would belong only to you and would never be offered in my shop. 
  • IMPORTANT: Contacting me about a personal stamp order does not guarantee that I will accept the commission!  I know my limitations as an artist and if I do not feel that I would be able to provide you a quality product, I will regretfully decline.  Additionally, please be aware that I reserve the right to refuse a commission that would be contrary to my values (ie nudity, blatant sexuality, or anything that condones hate or disrespect for another living being). 

8. Entries will be accepted through April 10th.

I hope to see many entries!