Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marvelous Molly

Hey Kids,

No new stamps today, I'm afraid.  :(  I've got a new three-pack in the works, but I'm afraid that after all of my running around today (Saturdays are just about my only days to actually get errands done), I've ended up with a splitting headache.  The temperature's getting up there today (almost to the nineties) and I didn't drink enough water. My own fault, really.

But I do have another fabulous card from Jo!

How gorgeous is that?  I love the work she's been doing on the Cafe Digi gals.  <3


  1. Gorgeous card, fab colouring of the image.
    Kevin xx

  2. This card is fu, so nice colors, love the design !

  3. oups, i would like to say : "fun" lol

  4. What a great card. Love the digi.
    And today I saw for the first time by Etsy your stamps.
    So...I could'nt resist and buy a few.
    Now I hope I make some cards with them.
    Hugs Jolanda