Monday, March 26, 2012

Whew, we got a lot to cover

Hey folks!

As the successful Mayzy Monday sale winds to an end, I'm happy to finally post some new stamps.  Just some fair warning, posting may be a little slow this week as I am also putting a lot of time into some side projects.  No spoilers but you'll appreciate these in the long run.  ;-)

Today I'm unveiling the Expecting Mothers set, with three individual stamps or a discounted three-pack.  We have Mama Leah, Mama Mina and Mama Yoga.

I'm also pleased to share a whole load of new customer projects with you!  Hold on to your hats...

As I've said before, I loooooove getting your examples!  Please keep them coming!!


  1. I like your presentation ..Very pretty and stylish..

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  2. Oh - loving the expectant mummy images. Not many of those around and these are fabulous. Roll on payday lol.

    Hugs, Mette

  3. I love the new images.. they are just too cute!!

  4. Candy told me that she hit up the store and had been coloring! All of the samples look AMAZING!!
    The new stamps are fab! Luckily April is right around the corner so I can come shopping again!

  5. Wow love all of your images! Just found you through another bloggy friend. Will be stopping by a lot now that I've found you.


    KattyXotica's Kreations

  6. Thank you for displaying my images. I so look forward to April, because I have a list of images I want including these adorable mommies 2B. :-)TFS!