Saturday, April 28, 2012

Da Winner! Plus, on the prowl for crafty crafters...

Hey Boys and Girls and Monsters,

Congratulations to Jo Ann, the winner of last weeks free stamp drawing!  Jo Ann, your stamps should be in the mail! :o)

Now, rather than another weekly give-away, I've been thinking that it's high time I offer up a decent challenge to win my stamps!  I'm planning to start offering a contest every other week, with the chance to win lots of MayzyArt Stamps!  First, though, I need a Design Team to come up with some fabulous examples.

(I'm new to all this, as you know, so I'm making it up as I go.  This probably won't be run like your typical challenge or DT, so bear with me...)

If you would be interested in being considered for my Design Team, this is what you will need to know...

- Design Team members will receive one FREE MayzyArt Stamp for each of the different challenges they design for.

- Challenges will be presented every other Saturday and will run for two weeks.  Design Team members are expected to provide their completed designs, matching the weekly challenge and using their MayzyArt Stamps, by the Friday prior to the challenge start.  You will be given plenty of notice to select your stamp and create your design.

- Design Team members are expected to sign on for a minimum of three months, after which I only request that you give me two weeks notice before signing out.

- Challenges will vary.  They may involve a sketch, a picture for inspiration, a theme, or who knows what else.  Got an idea for a good challenge?  Shoot it my way!

- If you are interested in being considered for the Design Team, please send an email to with the subject line "Design Team Application".  The email should include three of your favorite personal creations, a link to your craft blog (did I mention you need to have a craft blog?) and any comments as to why I should consider you for the Design Team.

- Only five Design Team members will be selected at this time.  If you are not selected, keep your chin up!  You'll still be eligible to enter the contests and win free stamps!!

At this point, I would like to offer the first challenge on May 19th, so all applications MUST be in by May 4th.  You will be notified on May 5th if you have made the Design Team or not.  If so, you will also receive further instructions at that time.  I may expand the Design Team later, so stay tuned!!


  1. Oh wow, I am so happy to be the winner of those gorgeous stamps from your last give-away. I seldom win goodies so, I am doing a happy dance...Thanks a lot, Mayzy!

  2. Congrats Jo Ann!

    Woohoo Mayzy on the DT Call!!

  3. oh wow a challenge blog how brilliant

  4. sent my application hope you got it

  5. Sent mine too! Hope you got it.

  6. How exciting! I love your work and designing for you would be a dream come true!

  7. And of course I see this one day to late :(
    Of well, at least I've found some lovely stamps to work with! :)