Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy Wednesday

Hey guys,

What a week!  I had a major technical glitch when the flash drive I use to store stamps got stashed behind a couch cushion.  I blame the goblin that has been plaguing me lately.  Lisa thinks I should do a goblin stamp to appease him.  What do you think?

Speaking of Lisa, the first two cards today come from her!  I never really pictured Meri as a red-head.  It looks good on her! 

Next we have two great Mother's Day cards from Michelle.  I love how the bold colors and stars make Super Mom look even more super!

And finally, another great Mother's Day card from My Stamping Obsession.  Don't you feel rather peaceful just looking at it?


  1. They are all gorgeous but I love the tag, I might have to get that image.
    Kevin xx
    Mayzy can you turn the word verification off please

    1. Shut it off! Thanks Kevin, I didn't even realize it was on. :o)