Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Blog: Craft My Life!

Hi there!

Today I'm featuring Elaine from Craft My Life!  Isn't this card so cute?  I love the pastels.  So sweet and peaceful.  And I want to shoot kudos for the picture itself.  The card is the main player in the pic, but I love it when people give a little extra thought to what they're shooting against.  It makes their card pop all the more!  

And, ok, this isn't a paper craft project, but I have to share these gorgeous brooches she makes.  Can you believe that they're upcycled drink cans?  One of these days I'm going to stop being a tightwad and I'm going to buy one.  Check out her blog for more!


  1. Elaine's card (and brooches) are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing her work!

  2. I love it! I looked closely to the image and noticed the blue all around it it really makes it pop. So am I right in that the main color of the image you use that to surround the whole image. So I could use yellow, greens etc just the same?

  3. thanks for sharing.