Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A quick note on the Moving Sale

Hey All,

I wanted to put out a quick note regarding some confusion about the new shop and the Etsy sale.  Just a few points...

1) Etsy shop orders are still subject to the 24 hour turnaround time. has immediate ordering (I've gotten customer confirmation that's it's quick and easy!) but I still have to send out Etsy orders by hand.  I also still work a full-time job, so any orders made between 9pm MST and 6pm today will be sent out when I get home from work this evening.  Sorry about the confusion!

2) All of the stamps that were offered in the Etsy shop WILL be offered at  I'm afraid that you guys were so enthusiastic with your ordering that I wasn't able to get as many stamps moved over as I'd like (not that I'm complaining, mind you!  You guys ROCK!) so keep your eyes out and the stamps you're looking for will show up.  I'll make an announcement when all stamps are moved over.

3) There WILL be new MayzyArt stamps... but there may be a delay before I am able to post them.  Getting MayzyArt up to 100% is my primary goal right now and I will be going back home for a few weeks at the end of this month, so I'm not sure about a scanner situation at that point, but new stamps will be rolling out as soon as I'm able.  So many ideas!  So little time!

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