Friday, January 11, 2013

Terrible News is having a 30% off sale!

Why?  Because in exactly one week, on January 19th, something awful is happening...

...Mayzy is turning THIRTY.

So to celebrate (mourn) all this week, use the coupon code "BIRTHDAY" at to receive a 30% discount on all purchases!!  The coupon code can be entered as the last step before making payment. The coupon code must be entered in order to get the discount!

Happy Birthday to Me.


  1. A sale is always nice and you share the same birthday as my daughter - she's SEVEN on the 19th

    Hugs, Mette

  2. Poor you, Mayzy! But hip hip hooray for us for getting a discount!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mayzy. My 'baby' will be 30 this year too.
    Enjoy and hugs from,

  4. Oh 30 was my best year and my son was 30 in November wish I was that young. Have a wonderful day and thanks

  5. Happy birthday! I have had more fun in my 30s than in my twenties (and I've only been 30 for two years so that's a LOT of fun to fit in!)

    I think us ladies mature like fine wines ;)

  6. Happy Happy, Mayzy! The thirties are the second-best decade; the absolute best is whatever one I'm in at the moment, and for now, that's the sixties! :-D

  7. Hsppy, Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope it is your best year yet!! Love you, Hugz, Colleen

  8. 30 is not so bad, worst bit is when u forget n then suddenly remember u r not in it twenties anymore! But I jus came here from ur freebie site n apparently u like Doctor Who and Star Wars so u r officially alright by me, lol

  9. Happiest Birthday Mayzy. Do I see a birthday stamp with the number 30 in the future? Enjoy your special day.

  10. Cool! I will have to try to remember to go shopping on pay day! Happy Birthday! And don't feel too bad... It could be worse- you could be me and turning 40 this year! lol