Saturday, January 30, 2016

Goodbye to

Hey my friends,

I've got some news for you all. After a lot of soul searching, I've decided to close down Lately I simply haven't had the motivation to make stamps and the prevalence of people violating my copyright just doesn't make it worthwhile for me to continue on. I will still be drawing and will occasionally post new stamps to this and the MayzyArt Facebook group, but they will be freebies for anyone who wants them.

That means that from now until February 29th, MayzyArt is going to be having a Going Out of Business sale! Use the coupon code GOODBYE for a 50% discount to get any of those stamps you've been eyeing before they're gone forever. The site will go down on February 29th.

I love you all and you've been wonderful and so supportive. I hope you'll continue to check out this blog on the MayzyArt Facebook group for any goodies posted in the future!


  1. Oh no! Thanks for all the great stamps over the years! Time to go shopping...

  2. I am so sorry that it has come to this, hun {{{hugz}}}. I wish you well whatever your next adventure is <3

  3. Always know that you have people out here that love what you do including me. You have a amazing GIFT... embrace it and NEVER allow anyone to rain on your parade. Thank you and when you are ready to come back..... we will be here.

  4. Sorry, I need some time for my answer. It is not fair to the people how love your art, I understand you, but I have no facebook and that means, I don't one of the lucky ones that becomes a freebie :(. I know the world is not fair, but sometimes I hate me, because I play all time by the rules and will be punished for, this time with the closure of your blog / shops!!! JessB say it ....we will be here, but I hope it does not come to closure.
    I hope I have everything spelled correctly.