Saturday, June 30, 2012

MayzyArt Challenge #004

The theme for this challenge is
Flights of Fancy!

You may have guessed from my designs that I'm a pretty fanciful person.  I spend more time than I probably should staring out the window and daydreaming.  With that in mind, I've selected 'Flights of Fancy' for this week's theme.  

I invite you to get creative with this one.  Are you thinking literal things with wings?  Or maybe a really fantastic daydream?  Go out on a limb and let us know what 'Flights of Fancy' inspires in you!

Let's take a peek at what the always incredible MayzyArt Design Team has come up with...




Jo Ann

Let's review the rules...

- The MayzyArt Challenge is open to anyone!  All you have to do is create a card or paper craft project that matches the challenge's theme.  It does not have to use a MayzyArt stamp.  

- In order to enter, post a link to your blog post featuring the project.  Please be sure that you list on that post that you wish to enter the project into the MayzyArt Challenge.

- There will be two winners of the MayzyArt Challenge!  The first winner will be drawn at random from all entrants.  That winner will receive 3 MayzyArt stamps of their choice.  The second winner will be chosen only from those entrants that used a MayzyArt stamp in their project.  It will be selected specifically by Mayzy and will be featured for the following two weeks on this blog.  That winner will also receive 5 MayzyArt stamps of their choice!

- Entries must be received by Friday, July 13.  The winner will be announced on July 14.

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Your very talented. I love your artwork.

  2. brilliant creations by the team. I have made 2 cards 1st with mayzy image 2nd with another imaage have linked them both. If this is not allowed as couldnt see if you where allowed more than one entry please detail the non mayzy one. Thanks

  3. Hi Aunty Sue...I don't think there's any problem having more than one entry. We love that you can join us. God bless!

  4. Thanks for another fun challenge! The DT samples are really fabulous! I made it in just under the wire!