Sunday, July 1, 2012

That's it, I give up!

Hey Super Stampers!

Sigh, my poor old laptop is on it's last legs, I'm afraid.  It's taking me about 5 times longer than it should to make stamps, ship orders, etc.  So the goal for July is to get a new computer!

(So, *cough* if there are any stamps you've been eyeing, this would be an excellent time to indulge yourself. LOL!)

It's a new month, which means a new monthly freebie!  And, conveniently, I've got a lot of new stamps in the shop for you today!  Let's get to it!!

First we have Halloween Ghost.  And this fabulous spook rounds off the...

The Ghoulish Girls 5 Pack!  And just like the Monsterous 5 Pack, this one comes with an exclusive...

Black Widow!  (I think she's my favorite Halloween stamp)

Moving on from Halloween, I have listened to your pleas!  There's a new boy in town!

And it's finally here.  The first Christmas stamp!


  1. Awesome new stamps. I'm off to your store.

  2. Wow fab work as always Mayzy! They all look too cool


  3. Oh love them. You will have my order soon.

  4. Loving these stamps, especially Peppermint! Hope you get your new comp soon, I will be contributing via stamps LOL. Joey xx

  5. My July order has just been made ;) Hope you get a new laptop soon. Xxx

  6. How exciting - a new laptop!! What fab newbies Mayzy - I can't even choose my fave!

  7. Love the newest additions, Mayzy. I did my best to help with the new computer -- just finished a shopping spree. :-D Have you considered listing your challenges with Feline Playful? That's always the first place I go to look for challenges when I'm starting a card or project. I'll bet the number of players would significantly increase if your challenge was list there, too.

    1. Hey Connie,

      Thanks for the good advice! I've actually submitted the challenge to Feline Playful and am waiting for it to get added. :o)


  8. I would be happy to do what I can to help you get your new computer. I am heading to the shop now. :)

  9. the new digis are awsome.Keep up the fabulous.I wish you many more creative years of inspiration.enjoy the Day
    sending hugs across the miles
    Ps.try this go to start,then all programms,then accesories,down to systemtools,then open a new window,make sure all are selectet,then ok.after this start the pc new and you will see how fast your pc is now.
    good luck with your new pc