Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Secrets of Aging

Hey guys,

I've gotten some requests for some older stamps, particularly in the kissers line.  While I do have every intention of making some stamps in the future with older characters, I also wanted to share with you a tip to allow you to modify many stamps to age them up a bit all on your own!

I've previously mentioned on this blog that I have no problem with stampers making minor modifications to my stamps.  Keep in mind that some artists may not feel the same way!

You can add years to most people's faces with just a few simple lines.  Let me demonstrate...

Here we have Dashing Groom, as he is offered in the shop.

Here I've added some lines in blue.  Eight lines- pretty simple, right?

And here's the finished look.  Grandpa Groom!

Here is a list of the lines that will help age up a face.  Not all faces will need all lines.  Some will want more or less- the more, the older your stamp will look.
1. Lines under the eyes.  These ones are probably the most important.  Smaller lines under the eyes can age a young-looking stamp to middle-aged.  Bigger lines will move them into late-adulthood.
2. Lines around the mouth.  You can do one or two or even three lines along the sides of the mouth.
3. Forehead creases.  Particularly useful on male stamps.
4. Neck lines.  A line or two on the neck (don't shudder, ladies) will give a much more frail look to your little old stamp.
5. Cheek emphasis.  This one should be used sparingly as, in some cases, it can actually make a face look younger!

Also works on the ladies
See how little I had to add to her to give her a lot more years?  Give her gray hair and she's Grandma Bride.

This is also very applicable to the Kissers Set!

Forgive my wobbly lines, as these were modified in Paint with a laptop touchpad!

Questions?  Ask in the comments!


  1. how cool is i have very thin pigment liner pens that can do that wonderfully..thanks so much for your tips and permission to do this..

  2. Wow! How educational and generous of you! :) Thanks ever so much!

  3. Wow! That's amazing! Incredible to see what a difference a few lines make! Thanks for sharing the tutorial

  4. You are BRILLIANT, Thankyou for allowing us to do this and for sharing how to do it :) much appreciated. Joey xx

  5. You are clever! Thanks for sharing sweetie x

  6. Very cool--thanks, Mayzy! :^)
    Hugs, Penny